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Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

The staff of Regional Office of Education #17 is dedicated to being of service for your questions about the 30 public school districts we serve along with the various private school options available.


Mark Jontry

Regional Superintendent

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Molly Allen

Assistant Regional Superintendent
Phone: (309) 888-5120   Ext: 1202

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Carmen Bergmann

Director of PD and Leadership Support
Phone: (309) 888-5120   Ext: 1207

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Christy Kelson

Business Manager
Phone: (309) 888-5120   Ext: 1203

Pat Durley

School/District Support

Ryan Deason

Transition Specialist
Phone: (309) 888-5120   Ext: 1214

Shelia Diaz

STAR Adult Literacy

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Raquel Eshleman

Instructional Coach, English Language Arts

Kevin Jones

Instructional Coach, Restorative Practice

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Emily Kull

Transition Specialist
Phone: (309) 888-5120   Ext: 1210

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Abby Lyons

Instructional Coach, Social-Emotional Learning

Kimberly Maddox

Program Development Grant Administrator
Phone: (309) 828-5807   Ext: 1214

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Janet Moore

Instructional Coach, Math

Phaedra Morris

Licensure Specialist
Phone: (309) 888-5120   Ext: 1206

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Kelly Nyert

Assistant to Carmen Bergmann
Phone: (309) 888-5120   Ext: 1208

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Victoria Padilla

Assistant to Regional Superintendent
Phone: (309) 888-5120   Ext: 1209

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Angela Riethmaier

Administrative Assistant
Phone: (309) 888-5120   Ext: 1200

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Marie Yoder

Transition Specialist Assistant
Phone: (309) 888-5120   Ext: 1213

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