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Substitute Teaching (SUB & STS)

Substitute Teaching


In Illinois, there are different license options that allow you to be a substitute teacher.
Option 1: PEL – Illinois Professional Educator License, bachelor’s degree + teaching license required
Option 2: SUB – Illinois Substitute Teacher License, bachelor’s degree required ** SEE NOTE BELOW
Option 3: STS – Illinois Short Term Substitute Teacher License, associates/60 hours required
Option 4: PARA – Illinois Paraprofessional License, bachelor’s degree required to be SUB eligible

  • If you hold a PEL you DO NOT need to apply for a SUB or STS but you must complete the items in STEP #3.
  • If you hold a PARA and have a bachelor’s degree on file you DO NOT need to apply for a Substitute License in ELIS but you must complete the items in STEP #3.
  • A Substitute Teacher License (SUB) is valid for 5 years only and is renewable, complete steps # 1- # 3 below.
  • A Short-Term Substitute Teacher License (STS) is currently valid for 5 years and is not renewable, complete steps # 1- # 3 below.


** SUB Note Effective 1/1/23: Individuals enrolled in an Illinois-approved educator-preparation program with 90 credits complete may qualify for a SUB license.  Office transcripts showing 90 completed hours must be provided to the ROE before the license is issued.


STEP # 1: Obtain a Substitute Teacher License (SUB OR STS) through the State of Illinois:
If you have a valid PEL or a PARA with a bachelor’s degree, skip ahead to STEP # 3.

  1. Log on to and click on Log Into Elis.  
    Click on Login to your ELIS account (under Educator Access), then click on Sign up Now on the left side and follow the prompts. Select Continue.
  2. Click on “Apply for a Credential” and then select either SUB or STS.
    You will pay $50.00 plus an application fee for a SUB license OR  $25.00 plus an application fee for a STS license.
  3.  Send official sealed transcripts sent directly from your university to ROE #17 either by mail or email ([email protected]).
    They must be official transcripts from an accredited university and show the correct credits for the license you seek.


STEP # 2: Register your Substitute Teaching License (SUB OR STS):

  1. In ELIS, once your application status changes from “Pending Review” to “Issued” you must register your license.
  2. Click on “Registration” under the “home” tab and follow the steps. Choose Region #17. You will pay between $50.00- $60.00 for a registration fee plus an application fee.  ** Note: STS License holders do not pay a registration fee. **

Any time during this process, you can begin the steps below for employment in our districts.


STEP # 3: How to obtain a Substitute Teacher Authorization letter from ROE #17:
Regardless of the type of license you hold, persons wishing to work as a substitute teacher in our districts must submit the following materials in person or via our secure file upload to ROE #17:

  • Official transcript of your bachelor’s degree transcript (if not already submitted in STEP # 1)
  • Statement of Good Health - signed by a physician, no more than 90 days old.
  • Substitute Teacher Information Form and Fingerprinting Facts Form. 
  • Fingerprinting – Pay $65 – cash, check, money order, or online via to ROE 17 must be received before you make an appointment to be fingerprinted.  ROE#17 cannot accept fingerprints from other ROEs/ISCs. 
  • After every step is completed and we receive the results of your fingerprinting we will email you an encrypted Substitute Authorization Letter and a copy of your background check results. 
  • You will need to submit a copy to each district office where you would like to substitute teach and apply directly with them.

Note: If you are applying for the STS license you must complete the virtual Substitute Training for Short Term Subs.
Click here to view available training times.


Click here to print the Substitute Teacher Authorization Packet Materials.


You can make your fingerprint appointment here: or call 217-342-3042


Click here to pay for fingerprinting online.
Fingerprinting Fee: $65 with a $3 processing fee, totaling $68
This payment is non-refundable.


ISBE Substitute Application Fee REFUND Form - learn more and click here. 


ROE #17 Privacy Policy: All inquiries regarding licenses must be made by the license holder, we are unable to share information with other parties.Thank you.