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ROE # 17 Moved! Our address is 201 E. Grove Street, Suite 300, Bloomington, IL 61701


Other Employment

Department of Human Services-Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS)

Department of Human Services-Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS)



Bloomington DRS office serves McLean and Livingston Counties

207 S. Prospect Road
Bloomington, IL 61701
Phone: (309) 662-1347
Fax: (309) 662-7219


Decatur DRS Office-serves DeWitt County

757 West Pershing Rd

Decatur, IL 62526

Phone: (217) 875-8703

Springfield DRS Office-serves Logan County

600 E Ash St, Building 400

Springfield, IL 62703

(217) 782-4830

Services: Providing services for individuals with disabilities including vocational counseling and assessment, job training and placement, education, assistive devices, home services, in-home supports, and short-term medical services.

Other Employment

DeWitt County

Encore Developmental Services (formerly HRC)


10840 Rte. 10 East 

Clinton, IL 61727

Phone: (217) 935-2218

Email: [email protected]

Services: Small developmental training program (DT) services for individuals with Medicaid Funding.  The DT program is attached to the Encore thrift store. Those in DT can choose to work in the thrift store.  Encore has a subminimum wage contract-those in DT working at the thrift store are paid based on piece rate.


Workforce Investment Solutions

757 W. Pershing Rd

Decatur, IL 62526

(217) 875-8751

Services: Provides employment and training services to help aid eligible young adults achieve their career goals.  Workshops are provided on conducting a job search, selecting a career, writing a resume, and interview skills.  


Macon Resources: Employment Services


2121 Hubbard Ave

Decatur, IL 62524

(217) 875-1910

Services: Community Employment Services Program provides individuals with the tools and resources they need to find a job in the community. Assessment of individual’s work and community living skills, medical, behavioral, social, learning, and personal support needs will be constructed. One-on-one assistance is provided throughout the job search process.   Assistance with resume creation, completion of job applications, interview preparation, participation in weekly job training sessions in group settings, follow-up with the employee and employer, and limited and short-term job coaching services are available options to choose from as well. Employment Services are funded  by DRS.  


Logan County


Memorial Behavioral Health-Lincoln Center for Developmental Rehabilitation


760 South Postville Dr

Lincoln, IL 62656

(217) 732-8723

Services: The goal of the program is to link employers with motivated and qualified individuals.  The community employment services aim to match employer needs with the person’s interests and abilities.  


Goodwill: Land of Lincoln Goodwill Industries, Inc.


1220 Outer Park Drive

Springfield, IL 62704

(217) 789-0400

Services: Provide Pre-Vocational skill training, Contract Work, and Vocational Opportunities within their retail store.  


Land of Lincoln Workforce Alliance-LLWA

Heartland Community College

2201 Woodlawn Rd #200

Lincoln, IL 62656

(217) 558-4287

Fridays 8:30am-4:30pm (by appointment only)

Services: Provides employment and training services to help aid eligible young adults achieve their career goals.   Can provide assistance with searching for a job, completing a resume, on the job training, and further education to achieve your vocational goals.  

McLean County (or surrounding)




1606 Hunt Drive

Normal, IL 61761

Phone: (309) 451-8888

Services: Marcfirst provides limited Supported Employment Services.



420 Wylie Dr., Suite 464

Normal, IL 61761

Phone: (309) 445-1770

Services: Provides individuals with disabilities the support needed in order to find and retain employment in the community.



1913 West Townline Road

Peoria, IL 61615

Phone: (309) 689-3724

Services: EP!C will be making trips to Bloomington to help individuals seek job placement.  EP!C offers a variety of employment opportunities through community and organizational employment to meet the abilities and needs of our participants.  EP!C also provides job and work skills training in preparation for employment, pre-employment classes for 4-10 weeks, and continuing job coaching during employment for 90 days or as needed.  


Best Buddies


Email: [email protected]

Services: Best Buddies Jobs secures employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), allowing them to earn an income, pay taxes and continuously and independently support themselves.  The Jobs program places focus beyond the typical jobs in which a person with IDD might be placed. Best Buddies focuses on finding work that matches the job seeker’s interests and talents.  


Tazewell County Resource Center-T.C.R.C

Email: [email protected]

Services: Located in Tazewell County, but starting to provide support in McLean County.  T.C.R.C works to secure community employment for adults with developmental disabilities.  Workers may be placed in Supported Employment (with supervision) or Competitive Employment (with limited supervision).  The goals of the program are to provide training for the whole person, find the “right job match,” and strive to make individual clients as independent as possible in their jobs.  


Career Link

705 E. Lincoln St

Suite #110

Normal, IL 61761

(309) 807-1386

Services: Works with young adults that need help with education, training and funding that leads to employment.  Career Link can potentially pay for training programs.  Eligibility criteria: member of a low-income household, have had experience with the juvenile or adult justice system, homeless, in foster care or recently aged out of foster care, pregnant or a parent, or an individual with a disability. 

Career Link can also assist with career exploration, GED assistance, assistance with creating a resume, etc.