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ROE # 17 Moved! Our address is 201 E. Grove Street, Suite 300, Bloomington, IL 61701


High School Equivalency

Requesting a Diploma or Transcript from ROE 17.


Request from ROE # 17 ONLY if you took a HSE test on paper‐and-pencil in DeWitt-Livingston-Logan or McLean County before December 31, 2013
OR on a computer in Illinois after January 1, 2014, while living in DeWitt-Livingston-Logan or McLean County.  
We only hold high school equivalency records (GED, HiSET, or TASC).
We cannot access records for any other counties. We do not maintain student records for public or private high schools.

Candidate Instructions: Please Read Carefully

  • Complete the release form below. Mail, email, or securely upload it to ROE 17. For any fields that do not apply, please enter N/A.
  • Make payment at via debit/credit OR mail check or money order to ROE #17. Cash payments are accepted in person. 
    • Paying with a credit card:  Diplomas: $12 each / Transcripts: $12 each
    • Paying with cash or check:  Diplomas: $10 each / Transcripts: $10 each
  • Securely upload identification by clicking here OR provide identification in person.
  • Allow 2-3 business days for processing. Release form, payment, and identification must be received before the request will be processed. 
    We do not e‐mail credentials.
  • Any questions: Call 309-888-5120 or email [email protected]


Complete the ROE # 17 High School Equivalency Release Form

There are three different ways you can return your completed release form to ROE # 17. 

  • Option 1: Digitally: Complete the High School Equivalency Release Form.
  • Option 2: In-Person Monday - Friday 8-4 at ROE 17, 201 E. Grove Street, Suite 300 Bloomington, IL 61701
    • Fill out the release form in our office and have a photo ID with you. You can pay in the office. See below for payment information.
  • Option 3: Via Mail - Mail the completed release form with a copy of your ID and payment. 
    • Print the standard HSE Release form and mail (with a copy of your ID) and complete payment.  You can send payment with your release form, or pay online. See below for payment information.


Note: Illinois Constitution Requirement

Illinois requires the completion of a brief exam on the Illinois Constitution in order to receive an Illinois High School Diploma (GED). 

You must prove that you met this requirement by either sending high school transcripts that show you have met this requirement or by taking the exam at this website:
Constitution proof from high school can be sent to [email protected]



Locating Your Record from Another ROE or County

  • If the test was completed on paper-and-pencil before December 31, 2013 (not taken on a computer), contact the ROE* for the county where the test was taken.
  • If the test was completed after January 1, 2013, or was taken on a computer, contact the ROE* for the county of residence at the time of test completion.
  • If your county is Cook County (including Chicago), or you tested through the Illinois Department of Corrections after December 31, 2013, contact the Cook County High School Equivalency Records Office.
  • To find the contact information for your Regional Office of Education, please use this ROE Locator Tool.
    • ROE # 17 serves DeWitt, Livingston, Logan and McLean Counties in Illinois.





ROE # 17 Privacy Policy: All inquiries regarding HSE Transcripts and Diplomas must be made by the record holder.   We are unable to share information with other parties.  Thank you.

High School Equivalency (GED, HiSET, TASC) Transcript/Diploma Payment Form

HSE Transcript

$10 + $2 convenience fee, totaling $12

HSE Diploma

$10 + $2 convenience fee, totaling $12

HSE Transcript & Diploma

$20 + $2 convenience fee, totaling $22

HiSET Exam Fee

$115 + $2 convenience fee, totaling $117
Note: Authorized Requests Only. Should you have any questions about this please contact Kimberly Maddox by calling 309-828-5807 ext 1214 or by email [email protected]