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Information for Retired Teachers

License Renewal Instructions For Those Who Are Retired or Will Retire

Step 1: If you do not have an ELIS account, cl ick here for instructions. ELIS replaced the old ECS system and you must create a new account.


Step 2: Log into your ELIS account and select Click Here to Update Your PD/Employment Status.

  • If you retire this year, select Retired for the last two semesters.
  • If you are already retired, select the appropriate status for each of the 10 semesters, and select Finish.  Substitute teaching doesn't count as active teaching.


Step 3: Enter professional development hours if you have taught within the last five years. For information on entering professional development, click here.  
FYI- The Purposes have been deleted from the process.


Step 4: In the Action Center box, select Renewals and follow the prompts to renew.

  • Due to your Retired status, you will not be charged a renewal fee.  
  • One of the prompts will ask if you have completed the required professional development. Answer Yes even if you didn't have any.


Step 5: Select the My Credential tab and print the Credential page for proof that you have renewed.
You will not receive a certificate in the mail. The page you print is your license.




Click here for information on becoming a STAR Adult Literacy Volunteer.

TRS One-Year Retiree Return to Work Program

TRS One-Year Retiree Return to Work Program is in effect. PA 101-0049 extends the program that allows a TRS retiree to return to work without post-retirement limitations.  Note: this program expires on 6/30/2024.  The Return to Teaching in Subject Shortage Area requires certification from the Regional Superintendent, see the return to work form below.



Click here for information on becoming a STAR Adult Literacy Volunteer.

TRS Benefits at a Glance Brochure