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STAR Adult Literacy

STAR Adult Literacy

What is STAR? 

Sharing the Ability to Read (STAR) is a non-profit organization funded through an Adult Volunteer Literacy grant from the Illinois Secretary of State Literacy Office to the DeWitt-Livingston-Logan-McLean Regional Office of Education #17.  This annual competitive grant has been awarded to the STAR Adult Literacy program annually since 1985.


STAR Adult Literacy trains and places volunteer tutors who provide English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction for adults over the age of 17 with limited English skills and Adult Basic Education (ABE) instruction for adults with reading and/or math skills below the 9th-grade level.  We recruit, test, and match students with trained tutors for one-on-one or small-group instruction.  STAR Adult Literacy provides educational materials and ongoing instructional support for the volunteers and their students.


As required by our grant, STAR Adult Literacy works to maximize resources within the local community for the benefit of our students.  We arrange for trained volunteers to meet with students in safe and accessible locations.  We also receive valuable community support in the form of rent-free space for volunteer training and student instruction in addition to community grants and donations that provide materials and supplies not covered by the Secretary of State Literacy grant.


Get Involved

Enrollment in the Dewitt-Livingston-Logan McLean County STAR Adult Literacy program is ongoing and free to all adult students age 17 and above with reading and math skills below the 9th-grade level and to all adult students learning English as a second language.


To enroll in the program, students may call the STAR Adult Literacy office at 309-888-5120 ext. 1211 to make an appointment to be tested by one of our Educational Support staff members or visit their website to learn more.  


Click here to visit the STAR Adult Literacy website.


Are you interested in becoming a STAR Volunteer? Click here to learn more.