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ROE # 17 Moved! Our address is 201 E. Grove Street, Suite 300, Bloomington, IL 61701

Meet the Staff

Emily Kull

Transition Specialist
Phone Number:
(309) 888-5120
Email Address:
[email protected]

Emily has worked for a variety of social services agencies that work with individuals with disabilities in a variety of roles.  She most recently worked as the Transition Coordinator at Marcfirst in 2012, which first introduced her to the challenges facing youth with disabilities transitioning from high school to the adult world.  She then transitioned to this role with the ROE in 2016.  Emily, along with Ryan and Marie, manages the STEP program and assists students with making connections to resources in their community, specifically to the Division of Rehabilitation Services, to make that transition not as overwhelming for students and families.  She is involved with the local TPC as well as the PAC Committee with the Bloomington Housing Authority.