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Flipping Your Classroom
Flipping Your Classroom

This is an introductory course for participants who wish to explore the instructional methods related to the Flipped Classroom. Included will be examples and models for both flipping your entire classroom, and/or just flipping a lesson. Activities are intended to develop a clearer understanding of the concepts surrounding The Flipped Classroom. This introductory course will cover the basics for the Flipped Classroom method of instruction. Provided will be an introduction of online video resources that can be easily utilized by educators. 
Specifically participants will: 
Learn about the development of the Flipped classroom 
Compare Flipped classroom instruction to traditional classroom instruction. 
Explore the benefits of utilizing a Flipped Classroom model of instruction. 
View a variety of Flipped learning resources to help get started. 
Develop a plan for integrating the Flipped model of instruction.