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McLean County Behavioral Health in Schools

This resource page is a product of the McLean County Behavioral Health in Schools committee.


Mental Health First Aid Train ing 

 Universal Exchange of Information Consent Form: This form is agreed upon by providers to help streamline referrals.

Universal Exchange of Information Directions: This gives a step-by-step help guide to complete the consent form. 

Community Resources: This Excel document has community resources available to assist schools.  Providers may be able to provide off-campus services, too. (updated 4/24/2019) 

McLean County Mental Health Action Plan 2015This is the comprehensive plan for McLean County, including the Juvenile plan that begins on page 31. 

Illinois Youth Survey InformationThis link takes you to the Illinois Youth Survey (2016 results) and can be viewed by county. 

Project Oz Ending the Silence Flyer