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Homeless Outreach and Education


Homeless Outreach Program - McKinney-Vento Homeless Education

This program is designed to meet the educational and personal growth needs of students who are considered homeless, as defined by McKinney-Vento Homeless Act.  The purpose of this is to ensure children and youth who are homeless have an opportunity to meet the same standards that all children are held to.  This is done by providing support to local school district liaisons to provide services and activities to improve the identification of homeless children and youth (including preschool-aged homeless children) and enable such children and youth to enroll in, attend, and succeed in school, including, if appropriate, in preschool programs.  Furthermore, our outreach specialists serve as a bridge between the Area IV Lead Homeless Liaisons, and the local school building homeless Liaisons.

The Truancy/Outreach/Homeless Specialists serve as a bridge between the Area IV Lead Homeless Liaisons, and the local school building homeless Liaisons throughout DeWitt, Livingston, Logan, and McLean Counties.


Going on Now!!

4 week Book Study "Serving Students Who Are Homelss" for Liaisons




The Kids in the Shadows - stories from homeless youth




Illinois State Board of Education

Homeless Dispute Resolution Procedures, ISBE

Food Pantries Resource List



Identification & Drivers License - Homeless Certification

Birth Certificates

 HB3060 Homeless - Vital Records Act (Page 3-4) 

ISBE Free Birth Certificate Policy

Birth Certificate Payment Vochure (Put on Your Organizations Letterhead, in accordance with state law)

Phone Service

Lifeline Assistance Program for Low Income (previously Obama Phone)  


Getting Guardianship of a Child  



Homeless Liaison Toolkit, 2017McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, Non-Regulatory Guidance

National Center for Homeless Education

Preschool and Homeless EducationResources by Topic

FAQ on the Educational Rights of Children & Youth in Homeless Situations

Unaccompanied Youth Resources

Unaccompanied Youth (NCHE Policy Guidance)

State Laws to Support Experiencing Homelessness (School House Connection)

Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program

Voice of Youth Count Tool Kit

NAECHY Assessments - LEA Informal Needs Assessment



Ending Homeless Today, PBS Documentary (4 minutes)

Homeless Children and Youth in Public Schools, Institute of Education Sciences (3 minutes)

The Kids in the Shadows, (30 minutes)

 On Their Own, Decatur School District  (20 minutes) CLICK on Resources, towards the bottom of the list look for Video "On Their Own"

Worn Out Welcome Mat (20 minutes)



Serving Students Who Are Homeless: A Resource Guide for Schools, Districts, and Educational Leaders

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For More Information 

(309) 828-5807 ext. 1214



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