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Single Credit / Credit Recovery Program

Single Credit / Credit Recovery Program

The Single Credit Program is a special program of Regional Office of Education 17 through its alternative school in Bloomington.   The  program is designed to assist students who are in need of additional credits to graduate with their peers from their home high school.  These are students who have attendance (truancy) issues, are behind in credits, and/or at-risk for dropping out.  Generally, students are encouraged to take one or two courses per semester to maintain their status to graduate with their peers. 

There are two paths available for educational support teams (Student, Counselor, and Parent) to chose from:  CLASSROOM Based Curriculum or ONLINE Virtual Curriculum.  To encourage success in these two paths, it is important to know all educators are affiliated with the virtual program.  They will be available during scheduled times to assist students, in the classroom and virtually.  All students are encouraged to develop a study schedule and utlitize the course completion targets to ensure completion of the course, within time to receive credit.


Classroom Based Curriculum:  

Each student is enrolled in courses that are computer based.  The classes are set, twice a week, for 10 weeks at the Regional Alternative School, 408 W Washington Street. Parking is free in the school lot (east side of bldg).  Teachers are available in the classrooms for instructional support.  The course curriculum is flexible to allow students to work in the classroom, where one-to-one assistance is provided and also while at home or in other settings. In an effort for students to be successful, they should plan to designate time-outside of class- to study and work towards course completion; this is especially important when attempting multiple on-line courses, per semester.

Each semester space is limited to 32 students (16 per class) to allow for individualized attention.  


Online Virtual Curriculum:

Each student will be enrolled remotely.  All communication will done through email, text messages, or via telephone, and through attendance at 1 online scheduled time a week (Tuesdays or Thursdays). These classes are offered completely on-line. Students interested in an on-line course should have internet access outside of scheduled class time and the tools to complete the work.  Students should have access to computers at home to complete their work. Students must be self-motivated, as they need to complete all assignments within the 10 weeks.




Courses are offered through Edgenuity Courseware. Edgenuity’s self-paced learning and pretesting allow students to spend more time on what they need and less time on content they’ve already mastered. Course content is aligned to state standards.

The virtual catalog offers a larger scope of academic course work including Literature, Social Studies, Science, Math and other extracurricular courses. 

Course Comprehensive Listing

Course Descriptions


Enrollment open to all students in our serving region:  DeWitt, Livingston, Logan, and McLean Counties. All course credit earned will be issued by Regional Alternative School, Bloomington, IL

  • Students must have already completed at least one year of high school to be eligible.
  • Students must be currently enrolled.
  • Students must be referred by their Home School District counselors.
  • Priority is given to graduating Seniors, Juniors, and 2nd year Freshmen.


Single Credit/Credit Recovery Form 2019

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    Spring 2020

    Application Deadline:  February 6th, 2020


    Orientation Dates

    1. Traditional Classroom Orientation February 10th 5:00pm
    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation February 10th 6:00pm via conference call


    Classes begin Tuesday, February 11, 2020

    Summer 2020



    Funding for this program is partially provided by Truants Alternative and Optional Education Program (TAOEP) Section 2-3.66 of the Illinois School Code (105 ILCS 5/2-3.66). These programs serve students with attendance problems and/or dropouts up to and including those who are 21 years of age and provide truancy prevention and intervention services and/or optional education. Programs which primarily provide truancy prevention and intervention services integrate resources of the school and community to meet the needs of the students and parents. Optional education programs serve as part-time or full-time options to regular school attendance and offer modified instructional programs or other services designed to prevent students from dropping out of school.​​