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COVID-19 Resources

Stay safe, and stay smart. ROE # 17 has compiled e-learning resources to keep students and families engaged in learning.
Our website and social media link to these resources so that we can continue to build community during social distancing.


To interact with this resource and view the videos and checklist, click here to view the Caregiver Priorities - Interactive PDF


- eLearning Resources Google sheet with a list of resources from ROE # 17 team members

- Math Resources from ROE # 17 Instuctional Math Coach, Janet Moore

- Social Emotional Learning Resources from ROE # 17 Instructional Coach, Abby Lyons

- McLean County Agriculture in the Classroom 
(online ag magazines, articles for students and virtual field trips) 
- Connect Transit (suspending fares 3/18/20)
- EveryOneOn.Org - internet and refurbished laptops (added 4/29)
- Tech Tools for Engagement (added 4/29)

- Zoom Meeting Services free basic plan

- Making the Transition to Remote Learning (Microsoft resouces and tools) 

- How to Work Remotely When Your Office (Read:School) Closes 
by Jennie Mageria, article



Illinois State Board of Education staff in Chicago and Springfield will work remotely beginning Monday, March 16th until further notice. Phone lines will not be open, and mail sent to ISBE will not be processed until further notice. Email accounts are still being monitored. Please send licensure documents to Send licensure questions to


Effective Monday, March 23, the Regional Office of Education will be closed to walk-in traffic until further notice. Individuals who need GED transcripts may request them by completing the online form and submitting it to our office through the mail or email.  Requests to pick up copies in person will be arranged individually. Office staff will continue to work remotely and will be able to answer calls and emails without disruption.  We will restore normal office operations and lift the walk-in ban when it is deemed safe to do so.